Mi Ani?

I’m creating this space as a place to vent my thoughts. I feel like I have something unique to share, but I don’t know where it goes.

I’ve been on Jewish Witchcraft mailing lists where people mostly seem interested in proving that Judaism is really a polytheistic religion. They can’t seem to get it through their heads that “celebrates the cycles of the nature” does not mean the same thing as “worships many gods.”

I’m not a polytheist. I’m not interested in Lilith. Therefore, most places called “Magickal Judaism” or “Jewish Witchcraft” are mostly filled with posts I can’t relate to.

I’ve been on Orthodox mailing lists, too. I like hallacha as much as the next Orthodox Jewish person, but these are mostly places where people like me ask questions, and Rabbis tell us what to do. That’s great, but I want to talk about my spirituality.

I want to talk about the dark side of Judaism as it actually is. I want to talk about Jewish spiritual eroticism, Jewish ecstatic practice, and Jewish folk magic. These things exist. They exist in Rabbinic Judaism. They exist without Lilith or Astarte or Baal or Ashera or whatever Canaanite deity it is you think you have to worship to make magic work.

The dark side of Judaism is more interesting, by far, than goddess worship or invoking plural deities. It is a terrifying place where the awesomely powerful Deity who stands toe-to-toe with the Creator of All is you.

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6 Responses to Mi Ani?

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  2. Very interesting and exciting!

    I have Jewish ancestry, but no one in recent generations (except for my elder brother, recently, and his son) have really been culturally or practically involved in Judaism. I am deeply interested in it, however.

    I am a polytheist, but Iao Sabaoth (as the Greeks and Egyptians called the Hebrew deity) is a part of my practice.

    So, a great deal of what you’re discussing is of extreme appeal to me. I can’t wait for more!

  3. Gregory says:

    great stuff. I have spent time with various forms of paganism. However, I’m a Reform Jew. Thanks for your insights. Good stuff.

  4. zredband says:

    I came upon your blog goggling the word “Epikoros” to see if world understood the word as I do. It seems they do not: they define it; but do not capture it’s essence.

    Epikoros, more than just your ordinary non-believer, atheist or agnostic; a learned heretic! An interesting thing growing up conservadox and going to Orthodox shules and schools: at the same time you learn to respect the orthodox for their devotion and learning and still mock them for being a little meshuggah and taking things too far. And unlike our christian friends we are taught to question everything, debate as professional sport, nearly halfway to agnostic before you even start, and then learn our heritage and history and ask: “why God? Why did you let this happen to us, your chosen people?”. Then the coup-de-grace, you read “Night” and first you rage at the almighty, then he goes away in a poof of cold hard history and logic. Leaving one forevermore… an epikoros.

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