Derech Eretz: Rules

I welcome differing perspectives

That said, anti-Semetic comments are not welcome. This includes any implication that Jews need to convert to your religion, or metaphysical threats with regard to my personal afterlife prospects. It also includes making sweeping statements that imply that Christians, or Muslims — who outnumbers Jews many thousand to one and have no idea what we think about most things — have any right to speak for Jews.

Anti-Semetic statements summon the ban-hammer.


I welcome re-posting

Please include a link to my blog when you re-post.


I welcome debate

If you are Jewish, and what I write here gets your knickers in a wad, then bust out the sources and tell me why. I love it when Jews study Torah!


I welcome Jewish polytheists

If you are of Jewish origin, or self-identify as Jewish, but practice a pagan or polytheistic tradition, please know that you’re welcome here. I don’t really consider deities other than Hashem to be a part of my Judaism, but I don’t expect you to be me, and I’m happy to see you engaging with your ethnic tradition.


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